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International Association of
Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW)

Beginning with an 1891 meeting of warehouse professionals in Chicago, IARW has become the world’s leading trade association serving the public refrigerated warehousing industry. Today, IARW members operate in more than fifty nations on six continents. From its headquarters in the Washington, DC area and regional offices in Europe and Asia, IARW is dedicated to improving industry standards, promoting more efficient refrigerated distribution operations, and helping members serve the food and pharmaceutical industries.

World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO)
Initially named The Refrigeration Research Foundation, WFLO is a non-profit organization, which has served the food industry and food distribution professionals since 1943. WFLO was established by IARW members with the goal of improving the preservation and handling of perishable products, providing state-of-the-art training to refrigerated warehouse professionals, and strengthening the global cold chain. Over the years, WFLO has funded numerous different research projects and developed the definitive training manual for the refrigerated warehouse industry. WFLO is guided by a Board of Governors and assisted by eminent food scientists who serve on the WFLO Scientific Advisory Council. Our President has served as Chairman of this well respected organization.

Always look for the IARW and WFLO logos when choosing your refrigerated logistics partners. IARW and WFLO members are the only cold storage professionals with access to the very latest food science data and industry-specific training.

The World Group
Founded in 1978, The World Group is a strategic partnership of independent refrigerated/frozen logistics and warehousing companies committed to providing the food industry with competitive supply chain management solutions tailored to specific market needs. The World Group offers North America and International expertise, plus the horsepower of multi-temperature transportation and the efficient network of top notch distribution facilities. The World Group is competitive, cooperative and committed to your success.